About Us

We are a nonprofit 501 C 3 global health and fitness organization registered in Washington, DC, USA. Here is a copy of our Bylaws: ByLaws – Global Health Fitness Initiative.

Our mission to inspire the world to health and wellness through preventative measures. Our motto is: Know Your Numbers, Move Your Body.

Our purpose is to be a life changing organization, inspiring the world to health, fitness, wellness and recreation, for the benefit of the public. The corporation supports, encourages, and promotes healthy living in partnership with other entities for greater reach and impact in achieving sustainable results, with a focus on low to middle income communities, through empowering health fairs, seminars, group fitness activities, recreational sports and games, health information dissemination, identifying affordable ways to live and stay healthy in a changing world where time and convenience negatively affect healthy living decision-making. Apart from encouraging and promoting the importance of healthy eating and physical activities, the corporation identifies and makes policy recommendations to community leaders on ways to improve communities by creating environments that support a healthy lifestyle.

We travel to various countries around the world providing free health promotion services with the aim to get people  know their health numbers and provide the guidance to bring those numbers down through various health promotion initiatives that encourage physical activities and healthy nutrition. To achieve our goal, we partner with various health ministries, NGOs and other non-profit and for profit organizations in various countries around the world.

We view access to good health as a human right. We work with marginalized and underserved populations around the world, providing health promotion services in low-resource and low income communities.

Our Board of Directors

Pictures and bios to be uploaded soon.

Our Partners include:

  • YMCAs in various countries
  • Other Local health organizations
  • Other Global health organizations
  • Government Health Ministries/Departments
  • Health companies
  • Health clubs
  • Doctors, Health Promotion Professionals, nurses, athletic coaches and other global health fitness enthusiasts.

For more information, to  partner or volunteering with us to inspire the world health and wellness, please complete our contact form.

Know your numbers, Move your body